Fran KennedyFrances Kennedy’s quest for almost four decades has been how to help founders and entrepreneurs build the capacity to realize their dreams:

“My heroes are founders, visionaries, and enterprise leaders who risk everything for a vision with nothing but bravado and belief in a dream.”
First in career transition coaching, and then organizational change, Fran established her expertise guided by three foundation thought leaders in their respective fields; Richard Bolles, author of “What Color is Your Parachute”; Bill Bridges author of “Transitions” who certified Fran in Change Management; and Stephen Covey’s Principled-Centered Leadership certification all informed and guided her in her small business advisory practice, Strategic Alliance – Partners in Planning:
“I had discovered my passion, my craft and my instrument…strategic planning, and for two decades working alongside the captains of small enterprise, we charted a course to their future visions; navigating adverse conditions we learned to recognize opportunity in the winds of change.”
Charged with the mandate to build the capacity to execute strategic plans, Fran developed four principles of leadership, and twelve people management processes to attract, retain and mobilize the right people to execute strategy. When she documented and trademarked her system the first iteration of A.R.M. the Organization was born. The answer to her quest would become her future work:
“My life’s purpose is to help visionaries build the capacity to realize their dreams; when I’m done I hope to have changed the way the world works.”
Fast forward through a decade of part-time instructing at Western’s Continuing Studies and taking their virtual learning courses online and  a two-year tenure as a peer advisory facilitator for Womens’ President Organization to now : Fran is currently writing a strategic planning program based on Blue Ocean Strategy. Making business theory actionable is one of Fran’s strengths and something she enjoys that’s valued by her clients.  That, and disrupting the status quo… such is the life of a change agent!
 Inspired by the stories of men and women from all walks of life doing whatever it takes, I have created a place for them, and for you to nurture your dream, share the vision and chart a course to your future.
So, come and join us in our little fishing village on Lake Erie’s North Shore… Discover, Dream, Design and Let’s Do it!”   Frances