Retreat Navigates New Career Direction

In my capacity as an Executive Director for a small charity in London, I had the opportunity to pursue further education at Western University Continuing Education Campus. It was in the Leadership Certificate program that I was introduced to Ms. Frances Kennedy and her program mentoring Leaders in Transition & Change.

Besides being a personable and engaging teacher, Ms. Kennedy skillfully led and encouraged me (and other program participants) to understand the mechanics of change. Instead of perceiving change as ‘risk’, change became ‘opportunity’ – a means to by which to re-assess one’s practices and patterns of work and life. This was done through a series of guided exercises that helped us to envision the change we sought, then to construct the steps necessary to achieve the change or goal we were seeking. This was particularly timely and important for me since I was going to be leaving the organization and moving on in a new career direction.

I subsequently sought out Ms. Kennedy’s professional services to support navigating my career change. Through a series of one-on-one meetings at Ms. Kennedy’s Port Stanley retreat I was encouraged to identify my strengths, values, talents and challenges, to translate these into the steps for change and to move through my career transition happily and productively.

I would recommend Fran and her retreat to any individual or organization that is looking for a path through which to navigate their transition into the next phase of work/life.

Julia Coley Phillips
Divisional Property Coordinator
Ontario Great Lakes Division – Salvation Army

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