Inspiring Change Required To Survive

I was hired as President and C.O.O. to undertake direction of a privately-held company that had a 130-year history in the Southwestern Ontario and required change to survive. Fran Kennedy was introduced to me through a friend. My VP Operations and I spent a day off-site with Fran where we established common ground about our core values, how we would treat our employees and key stakeholders, and how we would work with Fran in developing a plan and execute moving forward. Not an easy process, it was instructive. Most important to Steve and I, we gained confidence in what was possible.

Fran’s approach, to include influencers throughout the company including our union steward, was a test of her approach to engaging the naysayers and influencers for gaining traction. Again, it was not easy, but Fran’s conviction for inclusive process bore remarkable results. Not least, the resistance to change was addressed by the people they trusted who were enrolled in a new direction. Fran’s method of developing accountabilities helped change a deeply ingrained company culture. One remarkable and unexpected result was the union elected to decertify. I would recommend Fran Kennedy to business leaders that acknowledge the need and are willing to undertake change.

Jeff Lang, President
Exi-Plast Custom Moulding Ltd.

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