Building A Mountain With Strategic Planning

I am now retired founder and owner of Compressed Engineering Group Inc. which at my exit was one of five platinum ranked distributors for Atlas Copco products in Canada and still going strong after 33 years. One of the biggest accomplishments of my life was turning the London Ski Club in the late ‘80s, from a run down, broken, and almost bankrupt ma and pa small club run organization. A volunteer board of directors were a hands on operations in the day-to-day business with specific duty officer roles. Fran Kennedy was introduced to our Board of Directors by a member when we had decided we needed a new future vision and strategic plan in order to carry on operations. Fran facilitated a strategic planning session which almost exceeded capacity of the room. Power shifted pretty quickly… longstanding executive members of the Board were overwhelmed by new ideas and new influences. Fran’s process to include members truly committed to a future for the Club challenged the old guard and it was a tough go in the beginning to change from a hands-on board to a planning and vision group But part of the vision that was born became like a code word for the vision we had drawn and that was Hill 2000; it would require financing that exceeded current possibility but ultimately it became a reality. We took a decade longer to make it happen but honestly, we literally built a mountain, all 1.5 million cubic meters of engineered soil.

My belief and personal commitment to realizing that vision helped make it happen. Fran’s ability to assist in prevailing over obstacles in the execution of our plan was a significant factor.

During the two-year period that we contracted with Fran, the vision took hold and the energy changed. Board members, management and staff felt the effects. Turnover occurred; there were challenging times. Today, Boler Mountain, once known as London Ski Club, boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and provides a four-season outdoor sporting destination for the region. I take great pride in what we accomplished and don’t hesitate to say Fran was instrumental in its inception.

Larry Coste, past president
Boler Mountain
Province of Ontario honor of distinction 25 year award community volunteer 2013

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