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UNFOCUS ON PURPOSE. Northshore Retreats show professionals in small to medium sized organizations the strategic importance of renewal and transformation–both for your organization and for yourself.

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The Power Of Why

About Us

North Shore Retreats is a business whose story is about the power of WHY. Why am I launching at the starting gate when my peers are lobbing across the finish line of their careers? What I am about to describe isn’t my next big thing, or my second career gig or my last hurrah… it is my only thing, my passionate cause and the whole of my life’s purpose.

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Re-Boot. Escape the thrum of daily living. Wake up just long enough to watch dawn break over the lake and snuggle down for a sleep-in before breakfast. This is time to rest and refresh body, mind and spirit. Dream or doodle, wonder and wander. It’s about protecting your mindset, renewing resilience; and being your best by feeling your best.

Re-Set. Guided by three questions for inquiry you create a vision for your life powered by what matters most to you. It’s about knowing what matters and how you want to live it every day.

Re-Orient. Taking care of the business of you protects your greatest asset, your mindset. Exploring your past can renew your passion for life; discover your next big thing. It’s about designing your best future and how to get from here to there.

our vision

Our Vision

“UN-FOCUS ON PURPOSE” Our solo retreat experience is designed to provide a unique opportunity for the business owner and self-employed professional to unplug and reset; to become “one with yourself” in the words of a recently retired business founder.

North Shore Retreats offers a series of clarity breaks the focus of which is “sharpening the saw” (Stephen Covey). The experience of doing nothing in particular on purpose is essential in maintaining alignment between what you do and what you believe.

To that end, there are three retreat offerings, each with a different focus according to our guests’ needs assessment conducted prior to their arrival.